Produced and engineered by Tatsuya Namai(APARTMENT)
Arranged by Tatsuya Namai(APARTMENT)
Mastering by Hinata Ookubo(GELLERS,ookubofactory)
All songs by SiMoN
Cover Art by Kei Isono(totonoworlds)

「Sounds great! Nice songs and a lot more production going on this time!
Congratulations with the record!」

Simon Akkermans(Binkbeats/Bombay/Producer engineer at EpicRainbowUnicornStudio)


Happy With Me

Happy With Me2015.4.7(tue) SiMoN presents 「Happy With Me」@Live House nano

Open 19:00 Start 19:30 Ticket adv\2,000/day\2,500(+1drink\500)

 出演 SiMoN 長谷川健一 Subtle Control (井上陽介 from Turntable Films)


129uraSiMoN×世武裕子2マンライブ「都会女子」 1/29(wed) @下北沢 440

出演 SiMoN 世武裕子

DJ トトノワールズ FOOD mag+あくび食堂

open 19:30 start 20:00 前売り¥2500 当日¥3000 (+1drink)